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6MT0100965 Mouse Bungee Cord Holder.jpg


Flexible Mouse Bungee with Washable Sticky Suction Cup


  1. Flexible mouse bungee: This gaming mount helps the user to achieve better mouse stability and consistency

  2. Strong sticky suction cup mount: The holder will stay in place even with intense mouse movements

  3. Washable and reusable: wash the dust/dirt away from the sticky suction cup with clean water and let dry to reuse

  4. Compact design: Easy to carry and store


  • Dimension: 103.8 x 89.4 x 20 mm

  • Weight: 85 g

  • Storage temperature: -20~65°C ​

6MT9900113 Flexible Arm Desk Clamp Mount.jpg


Bendable Aluminum Rod Arm Universal Clamp Mount 


  1. 38.5cm bendable aluminum rod: Adjustable to different angles

  2. Universal clamp mount: Can be fixed to desk/table/platform with edge thickness up to 60mm

  3. 360° ball joint locking T-tip: Combine with COMART holders, allowing the holders to be adjusted to different angles


  • Dimension: 71 x 106 x 38.5 mm

  • Weight: 344 g

  • Storage temperature: -20~65°C ​

6MT1500014 Bean Bag Mount with Round Adapter.jpg


Anti-Slip Steel Ball Beanbag Mount with Round Adapter


  1. Steel ball filling: Allows the mount to sit stably on the dashboard

  2. Anti-slip base: The base is designed with anti-slip material that is suitable for both dashboard and dashboard mat, preventing the beanbag mount from sliding

  3. Round adapter plate: Suitable for suction cups with diameter between 60-80 mm, can be combined with PVC or PU suction cup mount


  • Dimension: 180 x 180 x 30 mm

  • Weight: 730 g

  • Storage temperature: -20~65°C ​

6MT0200005 3M Sticker Round Adapter Plate.jpg


3M Adhesive Round Adapter Plate for Suction Cup Mounts


  1. 3M adhesive sticker: Easily stick to flat or slightly arched surfaces

  2. Round adapter plate: Compatible with PVC or PU suction cup mounts

  3. Various diameter sizes: Can be combined with different suction cup diameters

  4. Heat resistant: The 3M adhesive pad can maintain its viscosity under high temperature environment

  5. Removable: Removable from the surface without any residue


  • Dimension: ø68 x 6 mm, ø84 x 6 mm, ø100 x 6 mm

  • Weight: 23 g / 35 g / 51 g

  • Storage temperature: -20~65°C ​

6MT0200018 U-Shaped 3M Flexible Arm Holder.jpg


U-Shaped 3M Adhesive Flexible Arm Stabilizer


  1. 3M adhesive sticker: Easily stick it on to the dashboard

  2. Flexible arm stabilizer: Clip the long flexible arm to add extra stability to your device

  3. Heat resistant: The 3M adhesive pad can maintain its viscosity under high temperature environment

  4. Removable: The 3M adhesive pad can be removed from the surface without any residue


  • Dimension: 29.7 x 17.7 x 20.8 mm

  • Weight: 32 g

  • Storage temperature: -20~65°C ​

6MT1400002 Charging Cable Holder Flexible Arm Mount Attachment.jpg


Wire Organizer Aluminum Rod Mount Attachment Piece


  1. Round attachment piece: Fix the piece easily to the flexible arm mount

  2. Cable organizer: Use the small clip to manage charging cable or other cables attached to the electronic device

  3. Inner wave pattern: Strongly grips onto the flexible arm mount


  • Dimension: 23.5 x 19.5 x 5.5 mm

  • Weight: 1 g

  • Storage temperature: -20~65°C ​

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