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Product Design

We take imaginative ideas and transform them into functional product designs.

The design is the soul of all products. The product designers and engineers at Comart have a keen eye for the needs and expectations consumers have of a product, and have extensive expertise in designing products of different categories, including car mounts, phone accessories, health care products, etc.

We are capable of taking imaginative ideas and transforming them into functional product designs, catering to your every need and desire. Apart from keeping it sleek, we also ensure that the design is practical, guaranteeing product designs of the highest quality.

Need Assessment

Design Proposal

Client Review

Design Revision

Mechanical Design




Tooling Design

Decades of experience in tooling and plastics injection manufacturing.

We have more than 20 years of experience in tooling and plastics injection manufacturing. We have a dedicated team of experts and tried-and-true procedures to make sure that the tooling is as perfect as possible. We possess a complete range of tooling tools, including CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, wire electrical discharge machining, lathe machining, milling machining, grinding machining, etc. Our measuring instruments can assure the accuracy of our engineering and produce molds of the highest quality.

Design Confirmation

Production Analysis

Design  Confirmation

Tooling Creation

Tooling Trial

Final  Check

Plastic Injection

Professional technicians and technical data to ensure the quality of plastic products.

Comart has more than 30 years of experience in plastic injection manufacturing. Our products mainly comprise of mobile accessories, automobile/motorcycle accessories, lifestyle products, and health care products. We have expertise in commodity plastics PP, PE, ABS, PVC; engineering plastics PC, PA, POM; and thermoplastic elastomers TPU, TPE, TPR. We have experts monitoring the whole process, from raw materials and moisture tests, to monitoring the temperature of the molds and adjusting the setting parameters, using the finest technology and data.

Adding The Materials

Melting The Plastic

Injection Into The Mold


Tapping Out The Product

Taking The Final Product

Product Assembly

We create complete SOP to ensure the quality and efficiency of product assembly.

Our professional assembly team creates custom production procedures for each individual product. First, the standard operating procedure is determined by the engineering, production, and QC departments, and will detail the steps of assembly, equipment needed, and tests required. Once the sample, production order process, and SOP guidebook has been communicated and confirmed by all departments, the production will begin. Our assembly line also has a quality control officer, to ensure the yield of our products, and a timely delivery for our clients.

Procedure Creation

Production Confirmation

Gathering Materials

Product Assembly

Quality Checks

Product Delivery

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