Extendable Arm Mount with Universal Smartphone Holder

Holder: 6MT0600512

Mount: 6MT0100934

1. Extendable arm design allows usage on various dashboards with different length.
2. Your device will be clamped from three directions for extra stability; the feet of the holder can be adjusted to facilitate the size of your device.
3. Adjust your best viewing angle with the 360° rotation swivel ball head.
4. The sticky suction cup can be rinsed with clean water and be reused. Suitable to be used on dashboards or other rough surfaces.
5. Suitable for 4-6.5 inch devices with maximum width up to 95 mm.

Product details:
- Holder dimension: 73 x 33 x 125 mm
- Mount dimension: 68 x 195 x 44 mm
- Weight: 186 g