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Knob Type Clamp Bike Mount with Quick Release 3T Tip


  • Knob type clamp bike mount : Easily fix the mount to the handlebar by tightening the knob without any tool

  • Rubber pads: Prevent the bike mount from sliding on the handlebar while riding, more removable pads can be added for smaller handlebar size

  • 360° rotatable 3T-tip: Combine with COMART holders, rotatable to vertical or horizontal viewing mode

  • Quick release design: Press the buttons on the side of the 3T-tip to detach the holder conveniently


  • Dimension: 56 x 38.3 x 70.5 mm

  • Weight: 52 g

  • Compatible handlebar: 21-28 mm dia.

  • Storage temperature: -20~65°C

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