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TV/PC Screen Tray Mount


  • Can be attached to TV/PC screen to provide storage for small things such as keys, TV remote, figurines, etc.   

  • Easy to install by resting the tray on top of the screen and tightening the support piece to the back of the screen.  

  • Adjustable support structure can accommodate different screen thicknesses.  

  • The extra-large tray provides more storage space on the tray.   

  • Silicone pads on the support piece increase the mount's grip and prevent scratches on the back of the screen.   


  • Dimensions: 34 x 15.6 x 22 cm   

  • Weight: 270 g   

  • Storage temperature: -20-80°C   

  • Operating temperature: 0-70°C   

  • Material:   Plastic, silicone


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